The Fault in Our Stars



The fault in our stars

Author: John Green

Ratings: 5/5 Stars

Store: Amazon

The fault in our stars is a heartbreaking romantic novel about 2 kids who are 18.

Hazel Grace has cancer she carries around an air tank to provide oxygen for her.

Augustus Waters who previously had cancer and got rid of it through an amputated leg .

Augustus met Hazel at a cancer support group where he went with his friend who had cancer in his eyes.

Hazel and Augustus go through an amazing adventure where they egg their friends neighbors house, and go meet their favorite author.

Unfortunately this book does have a devastating ending.

Augustus gets diagnosed with cancer again and tries to fight through it but unfortunately dies.

At the funeral Hazel is heartbroken but Augustus knew he would die and wrote Hazel a letter i liked how he ended it with ok. Only because their always would be their ok.


Tuesdays at the castle

tuesdays at the castle

Name: Tuesdays at the Castle

Author: Jessica Day George

Ratings:5 stars

Store: Amazon 7.50 dollars


Tuesdays at the Castle is a book about a girl named Celie whos parents are the king and queen. When her parents go on a trip with her older brother things changed.

The walls of the castle were filled with magic that made the castle grow by its self.

Sometimes it would add new rooms or take away new rooms, this happened every Tuesday.

While Celia’s parents were away another kingdom wanted the magic that were contained i the walls of the castle,  so they attacked the castle.

Since Celia mapped out the routes of the castle she can hide easily.

Celia also believes that the walls speak to her.

While the soldiers from the other kingdom are beating down on the castles bricks Celia works with the castle to save her home.

What i liked about the book

  • The way the book was written
  • It was entertaining
  • Unexpected ending
    • Both her brother and her parents died
  • How original it was




My life with the Walter boys

My life with the Walter boys


My life with the Walter boys is a very interesting book about a 16 year old girl named Jackie who’s parents recently died in a car accident, with no one to live with she stays with her distant aunt across the country along with her 11 sons.

Apparently she was a very beautiful woman which drew many of the Boys towards her.

She sees that she has to protect her heart because many of the Boys were notorious heart breakers.

But who does she end up falling for?


She ends up with LEE!

Having a flirtatious 10 year old with snark remarks.

He even enters a kissing booth she was participating in. (He wasn’t able to)

Also a 15 year old musician that’s going through a tough time in his life by having a group of boys repeatedly beat him up almost killing him once just because he’s gay.

This book will keep you at your toes from the first or second chapter to the end.

It has the drama, a wonderful live story, and comedy.

This is a book I would recommend to the ages 12-16.

Personally some of my favorite parts is when she chooses one of the brothers.

The charming Lee.

Also there weren’t many parts that I disliked the book was well written.

Overall My Life With The Walter Boys is a very good book that I would recommend to anyone who is itching for something to read.

Artemis Fowl


Name-Artemis Fowl

Author-Eoin Colfer

Published- April 26 2001

Genre- Science Fiction

Rating- 4.5 stars

Store- Amazon $17.19

Artemis Fowl was a interesting book about ninja fairies. one of my favorite parts of the book is when they cant reach holly anymore. i think it creates a sense of suspense in the story. When they needed holly the most that is when she chose to practically disappear.What really sucks for them is that all of this happened while they were on a vacation.

some things i don’t really like about the book is the writing style. i think that he could have given more details when it came to certain things. such as how did the characters in the book looks like or what did they feel. i think that would have brought me more into the world of artemis fowl.


if you do read this book just know that artemis isn’t going on a suicide mission. Even if the faries do bomb the house everyone gets out safely. this book brings you into a world of magic and suspense i really hope you read it!

Into The Future

Hello Samendie I’m you but at 23 years old.I just would like to give you some advice get the apartment deal at oxford and don’t be mean to john he will be your best friend. Follow your dreams become a house flipper or whatever. Just know that you will be successful and you will have a great relationship with your parents as long as you tell them the truth about your college choice. Oxford University is lovely we are graduating this year. So good luck and just do you.

Marie Antoinette

5 Stars

marieThis book is remarkable where a woman named Colette is going to Paris and sees a woman in a powdered wig who looked like Marie Antoinette she tells her friends but they just wont believe her. As she is in Paris many murders are happening . Overall this book is amazing i would recommend it in age group 12-16. Many people have suspicions but she believes it is Marie Antoinette i thought it was Marie Antoinette also but i wont spoil the book go ahead and read it yourself

$8.75  on amazon

based on a historical figure

How To Spot A Liar


How To Spot A Liar

by Samendie

6 October 2015

B O D Y  L A N G U A G E

Looking around

Touching their nose

Pursing their lips

Talking really fast and giving too much detail

Fidgeting with their hands

T H E  W A Y  T H E  P E R S O N  T A L K S

The person may be giving too much detail or avoiding the question.

Maybe the person might be a little too relaxed.

The person may talk a little too fast or too slow.

The person might take too many pauses or none at all.

T H E  P E R S O N S  E Y ES 

The person may look directly into your eyes to try to prove that they are not lying.

They may look around a little too much or they may stare straight at you without blinking for long periods of time.

The person may also blink a little too much. the average amount of time a person should blink per minute is about 20 times at the most.

Those are just a few things that you can look for to spot a liar.