The View From The Cherry Tree

view-from-cherry-tree-willo-davis-roberts-paperback-cover-artThe view from the cherry tree is a very interesting story about a young boy who always sits atop his cherry tree from his home when he witnesses a murder of his rude and mean neighbor Mrs Calloway who has  hurt Robs cat several times. While this is going on Robs sister is getting married so when he tells people this no one  believes him. This makes rob feels invisible while he is a suspect of this crime he is also trying to figure out the question who killed Mrs Calloway.

This book provides a sense of adventure to the readers and the detail is amazing. The book ends with an interesting plot twist. No spoilers here! if you would like to know what happened read it for yourself. Just know that you will discover amazing secrets about Mrs. Calloway and that she isn’t just an old mean woman but is going through a secret life. As this story unfolds you will go through the feelings of all the characters and go through the interesting journey.

As Rob is trying to find out who or what killed Mrs Calloway and while trying to find that out a series of events all having to almost killing Rob is he the ?


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