Artemis Fowl


Name-Artemis Fowl

Author-Eoin Colfer

Published- April 26 2001

Genre- Science Fiction

Rating- 4.5 stars

Store- Amazon $17.19

Artemis Fowl was a interesting book about ninja fairies. one of my favorite parts of the book is when they cant reach holly anymore. i think it creates a sense of suspense in the story. When they needed holly the most that is when she chose to practically disappear.What really sucks for them is that all of this happened while they were on a vacation.

some things i don’t really like about the book is the writing style. i think that he could have given more details when it came to certain things. such as how did the characters in the book looks like or what did they feel. i think that would have brought me more into the world of artemis fowl.


if you do read this book just know that artemis isn’t going on a suicide mission. Even if the faries do bomb the house everyone gets out safely. this book brings you into a world of magic and suspense i really hope you read it!


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