Tuesdays at the castle

tuesdays at the castle

Name: Tuesdays at the Castle

Author: Jessica Day George

Ratings:5 stars

Store: Amazon 7.50 dollars


Tuesdays at the Castle is a book about a girl named Celie whos parents are the king and queen. When her parents go on a trip with her older brother things changed.

The walls of the castle were filled with magic that made the castle grow by its self.

Sometimes it would add new rooms or take away new rooms, this happened every Tuesday.

While Celia’s parents were away another kingdom wanted the magic that were contained i the walls of the castle, ┬áso they attacked the castle.

Since Celia mapped out the routes of the castle she can hide easily.

Celia also believes that the walls speak to her.

While the soldiers from the other kingdom are beating down on the castles bricks Celia works with the castle to save her home.

What i liked about the book

  • The way the book was written
  • It was entertaining
  • Unexpected ending
    • Both her brother and her parents died
  • How original it was