The Fault in Our Stars



The fault in our stars

Author: John Green

Ratings: 5/5 Stars

Store: Amazon

The fault in our stars is a heartbreaking romantic novel about 2 kids who are 18.

Hazel Grace has cancer she carries around an air tank to provide oxygen for her.

Augustus Waters who previously had cancer and got rid of it through an amputated leg .

Augustus met Hazel at a cancer support group where he went with his friend who had cancer in his eyes.

Hazel and Augustus go through an amazing adventure where they egg their friends neighbors house, and go meet their favorite author.

Unfortunately this book does have a devastating ending.

Augustus gets diagnosed with cancer again and tries to fight through it but unfortunately dies.

At the funeral Hazel is heartbroken but Augustus knew he would die and wrote Hazel a letter i liked how he ended it with ok. Only because their always would be their ok.


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